Here at Aja Pet Service we like to think that we have assisted our clients with thousands of stress-free vacations and worry-free workdays. (Well, at least the pet care part of them!) We provide loving care for your pet at home and peace of mind for you.

Pet sitting and dog walking services available as well as house sitting for those that like to travel with their fur babies.

Overnight Pet Services

$100 to $200 depending on number of pets, temperament, and routine. Plant care, bring in the mail/Amazon packages, newspaper pick up, alternate lights, garbage and recycling to be taken out, and other services are complimentary each visit.

If you book your sitter with less than 48 hours notice there will be a 30% service fee added to your invoice.

OVERNIGHT STAY CANCELLATION POLICY: Due to the exclusive nature of overnight bookings, our pet sitters must decline all requests for overnights that coincide with the dates booked. Therefore, we charge a 30% per night cancellation fee, regardless of when the job is cancelled or the job total.

30 or 60 Minute Visits

$25 to $40 depending on number of pets for a 30 minute visit.

$40 to $55 for a 60 minute visit.  Rain or shine!

If you book your sitter with less than 48 hours notice there will be a 30% service fee added to your visit.

If you cancel your 30 or 60 minute visit with less than 48 hours notice there will be a 30% cancellation fee added to your invoice.

Rain or shine!

Chewey & Heidi

Clean-up Fee

If your pet is not potty trained then there will be an additional fee of $20 per accident, unless otherwise specified with your pet sitter.

Pet Transportation Rates

Pet pick up or drop off rates start at $40 for 30 minutes (This service is for current clients only)

Holiday Rates

Make your pet sitting reservations as early as possible, especially prior to holidays.

There is an additional 60% charge for services rendered on major holidays, please discuss with your Aja Sitter when booking visits or overnight pet sitting.

For early return and cancellation of service (for non-holiday reservations), a 24-hour notice is required or Client will be charged the rate of one visit. After cancellation fees, any remaining balance will be applied to future pet sitting visits only. No refunds will be given.

No credits will be given for early returns during holiday periods.

All major holiday visits MUST be prepaid during Easter, Labor Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s and cancellations are non-refundable.

Aja Pet Service for Holidays


We prefer the safe and easy to use payment processing service called Venmo. We will accept cash or checks made payable to Aja Pet Service, LLC.


We will come to your home for an in-home meet-and-greet consultation to discuss detailed instructions on how to care for your pet(s) and home, collect key and answer any questions about our services. No charge for new customers, $25 if you need for us to come back. All customers need to provide a working set of keys including mailbox keys at initial meet-and-greet. Available Weekends and Holidays.

If you would like to schedule an in-home consultation to discuss pet sitting and meet your pet sitters, please call the owner, Heidi at 561-676-7555

Book your trip as soon as possible using FREE the Scout for Owners App.
Please download the app for your Apple or Android Phone.

If you are unable to download the app you may print the intake form below and complete prior to your first visit.

Aja Pet Service Intake Form