Aja Pet Service, LLC

The BEST Pet Care in Palm Beach County!

If there is one question we are asked over and over, it has to be: “Why did you start a pet care business?” Simple! I love all kinds of animals. My world revolves around them and I also love working with pet people, if you are reading this then you get it. Pet people are the best kind of people! I also like to travel so finding a trusted sitter was something that my family struggled with growing up. Each time we went away and it was always a hassle. We would have to hope that one of our neighbors would be willing to help out that week, or find a family member, or friend willing to check on our dogs, cats, iguanas, snakes, birds, and horses! (Even harder to find someone willing to feed the snake and iguana!)

When I moved out, I was faced with the same dilemma every pet parent is faced with,“Who do I trust to watch the fur babies while I’m away?” 

I clearly saw that there was a need for pet sitters in our community, ones that are willing to come to the clients homes so the pack can stay in their safe space and be kept on their regular routine. My side job became my full time business that is always growing and challenging me in new ways. I am so blessed to do what I love each and every day. I wake up each morning thinking, “Today is a good day for a walk.”

Here at Aja Pet Service, Team Aja has assisted our clients with thousands of stress-free vacations and worry-free workdays. (Well, at least the pet care part of them!) We have the best jobs in the world. We get to deliver peace of mind to our clients by showering their “kids” with love and affection. Who doesn’t want to play with puppies, kitties, birdies, bunnies, chickens, piggies, iguanas, geckos, gerbils, hamsters, fishes, and even sea monkeys!!! 

Our promise to our clients is simple. Loving care for your pet at home and peace of mind for you. We are at your service and Aja Pet Service is so good you’ll wonder how you ever managed without us in the first place.

The Forest Goddess Aja 

Aja is a type of orisha (goddess) worshipped by the Yoruban (your-ou-ban) people that live in West Africa (Nigeria, Benin, and Togo). She is an herbal healer that looks over the animals and plants of the forest. Unlike other nature-based gods, Aja protects the animals without hunting them. Aja’s role is to preserve the health of the environment for both humans and animals. Just like our Aja Team Members, she maintains the home and animals within. Instead of keeping humans out of the forest, she invites them into her realm to show the importance of the natural world.

While every other deity uses incantation or a wave of the hand to heal, Aja does the opposite. The forest goddess uses plants, herbs, and roots to form a cure. She teaches the human how to heal themselves. Aja is referred to as “Wild Wind” because those who are deemed worthy are said “to be taken by Aja” to the land of the dead before returning with strength and knowledge. Shamans go into the forest seeking out Aja, she only chooses those whom she deems as worthy of the knowledge. This journey takes anywhere from 7 days to 3 months before the Shaman returns to their home as a powerful and respected “Jujuman” or “Babalawo”(Ba-bal-la-wa). To this day people still worship the nature-based goddess.